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Your goals – our deliverables. Experienced consultants deliver excellent support for your projects on any hierarchy level. Our senior managers handle strategic topics to steer corporate size programs, project experts support you with hands on project management. We focus on energy and infrastructure industry and combine our expertise with special know-how in digital and people topics. We live digital transformation and believe in developing an electrified world for a green future with clean hydrogen as a substantial part of a decarbonized world.

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setting up the hydrogen and renewables business around the world ...

Many countries have already developed a national roadmap for hydrogen, now it is time to set up business models which make sense in an economic and ecological way. To ensure success it is key to make hydrogen generation profit from cutting edge technologies like e.g. AI, 3D printing and interconnected machines to increase effectiveness and efficiency as quickly as possible. We believe that research and development have to be accompanied by realistic pilot projects to prove technical and economic concepts.  The best way to find out if a business model is working in the real world is bringing it to life and adjust and optimize while operating it. For hydrogen business the famous statement „whatever can be digitized will be digitized“ should build the foundation on which development is based on. With this in mind a fully digitized business will progress much faster.

To realize an overarching approach to setting up or extending your business we support with connecting partners, providing excellent stakeholder management, strategic consulting and strong hands on project management. Let´s get in touch and talk about your engagement in hydrogen and renewables business.

... and make the hydrogen hype happen

PPC – Project Power Consulting GmbH is a company with  a strong network and experience in German energy and infrastructure industries. We are consulting the largest German Distribution Service Operators and generation companies. Our comprehensive understanding of the complexity of German energy  sector transformation is a great advantage which you as our client will benefit from.


strategic consulting and
project management

For your success, we support you with consultants, who bring all the skills to guide your activities to the desired result. Whether it’s a classic approach, agile project management or strategic consulting, our consultants master the methods that make you successful.

With many years of practical experience, excellent education and continuous training at PPC, you can rely on being supported in projects and project situations of any kind. We create high-quality and targeted presentations in the shortest possible time, prepare and wrap up meetings, keep the documentation up-to-date and facilitate a first-class 360 degree stakeholder management. With appointment organization and committee management, we relieve you in order to give you space for strategic, political and content-related work. In short: We are your extended workbench, which supports you reliably in your projects at all times. With power and know-how for your success!

digital transformation

Do you want to drive change processes with modern tools and methods to position your company or department for current and future challenges? In our consultants you will find exactly the support you are looking for. In addition to automation and new technology, digitization also brings with it new processes and working methods. Managing the resulting complexity requires more than technical know-how. Rather, it requires the ability to take a holistic approach and sophisticated methods to make the tranformation successful in your company.  
With our PPC-trained experts for digital transformation, we enable you to take the right steps into a digital future with modern processes and working methods. Our consultants know the right mix of working methods, processes, software and infrastructure and support you with the elaboration of proposals and/or concrete project implementation.

find digital people

The future in business is digital and PPC has a huge network of people with a digital mindset. Benefit from our cross-industry contacts and fill key positions in your company with motivated colleagues of tomorrow with our support. Whether direct search or campaignig in the right target group, we master the methods that make your cast successful.


(Senior) Project Manager or Project Lead

You have the ability to coordinate many tasks and a lot of people? Your personality and organisational skills are more important to us than your theoretical education. So if you are eager to develop your skills every day and make an impact in challenging project work drop us a line.                          

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some kind of completed education, good organizer who loves to work with people and digital tools. We believe in developing people, so if you are eager to get better every day and acquire new skills get in touch. Probably we gonna find you, befor you find us ;-).

(Senior) Digital Transformation Manager

A Transformation Manager at PPC supports our customers with organisational change. You are responsible for developing realistic concepts and creating a good mix of efficient processes, organisational structure and fitting digital tools. If you want to find out more get in touch with us.

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some kind of completed education, good organizer who loves to work with people and digital tools. We believe in developing people, so if you are eager to get better every day and acquire new skills get in touch. Probably we gonna find you, befor you find us ;-).

IT-Security Consultant/Manager

You have a deep technical background with a lot of security knowledge? You have worked with several tools and in huge environments with a mixed infrastructure setup? Than we certainly have several challenging projects where you can apply your skills. We´d love to hear from you and talk tou you.

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Studied Computer Science, Math or something similar or some longterm real life IT-Security experience.

fields of expertise

energy and infrastructure

We have a strong technical background and one of our core industries is energy and infrastructure. We understand grids and systems and support our customers to optimize existing assets or create new disruptive solutions. Lets shape the energy transformation to a greener and safer future.            


Firewall taskforce due to 3200 office relocations within energy company:

– setup team and identify stakeholders

– align with c-level expectations

– setup communication strategy and develop fall back plan

– lead daily all hands call with several external suppliers and internal staff

implement dedicated quality assurance team for distribution grid:

– organize commitment on c-level

– setup project and panel management

– identify stakeholders and develop communication strategy

– onboard operational staff and organize pilot phase

– align groupwide quality assurance strategy

information technology

„IT is not everything but without IT everything is nothing“. At least in business the future is digital and our mindset at PPC is set to shape a safe, efficient and digital business environment to give your business the best opportunity to grow. Rely on our know-how to for quick progress.                        


Carve out IT landscape due to split of group holding:

– manage groupwide alignment between business units and IT and top management

– manage communication strategy and organize huge online meetings and international face2face meetings with presentations and workshops

– manage financial programme controlling, recources and specific task force projects

Organize test management for several software projects

– develop and organize testing strategy

– track test progress and align development and business users

people and organisation

In our opinion motivated and highly skilled employees will always be key to success. The right mix of people and technology supports your business´s growth and lets you make any transformation neccessary for a substantial stability of your company. We support with tools and people.                        


Support setup of a global HR Service Center:

– organize process transfers to central HR location 

– analyze and redesign process landscape

– report and escalate to programme management


implement and staff agile development team:

– design team roles

– design team roles

– design hire process

– find potential people for different roles



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